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  100% Natural, Zero Chemical Hair Color IS Green Hare Mud™ 

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Chemical Hair Color is Toxic!

PARAPHENYLENEDIAMINE (PPD)  A known carcinogen used in permanent hair color can cause severe allergic reaction resulting in contact urticaria and even anaphylaxis and death. 


Pure Plant Power Is Beautiful!

Green Hare Mud™ is non-chemical hair color made with only organic and natural ingredients like ground plant leaves, walnut shells, flower petals,  roots, nuts, barks and berries.

Green Hare Hair Müd ™ works with each person's unique hair color to blend gray hair or transform hair with healthy, vibrant, beautiful color only nature can create!


Green Hare Mud™ For All !

Green Hare Hair Müd ™ is 100% natural, non-chemical, cruelty free, healthy, pure plant, silky, sexy hair color with serious gray coverage for all hair types & textures.

About Us

Committed to Quality

Every bag of Green Hare Mud hair color is hand packed in small batches to insure the quality and craft of our pure plant, zero chemical hair color, and the same goes for our fabulous Happy Hare Dry Shampoo and Bunny Beauty Skin Care, because our small grassroots team is dedicated to the mission of making beauty healthy ! 


Committed to the Environment!

Our product and packaging is the ultimate in "green", with pure plant ingredients in the product, and packaging that is recyclable and/or compostable, and by including the directions on the color bag , we avoid cover boxing.  In loving kindness to the environment we do not use excessive cover boxing or excess packaging.


The Green Hare Difference!

Green Hare Mud™ has over twenty years of development and professional application history with beautiful results using pure plant, 100% natural ingredients that contain no synthetics, no chemicals, no fillers, no gluten.  Green Hare Mud™ is a "permanent stain",  it contains no lift, so there is zero peroxide to dry and damage the hair.  


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Now You Know

Directions for Green Hare Mud

100% natural, non-chemical, cruelty free, beautiful vegan  hair color for your healthy hair.

Green Hare Hair (Mud),n. is a “permanent like” stain, it contains no lift.

Note: We recommend a strand test to check color choice and sensitivity.

Supplies: gloves, processing cap, cotton coil, color brush, whisk & mixing bowl


Green  Hare Hair (Mud),n. powder is mixed only with very hot water. Mix in a  bowl with a whisk to smooth, creamy (pancake batter) consistency.


Shampoo  hair with clarifying shampoo to remove any scalp oil, styling products  or deposits, do not condition prior to application of (Mud),n.

Section  wet hair, apply (Mud),n. to wet hair with a brush saturating each small  section.  Begin at the roots and then pull through ends if  needed to  refresh color or if virgin color.

Carefully  wrap hairline with cotton, dampen cotton (to prevent hairline from  drying out), and process covered with processing cap and heat until  color develops, checking frequently to achieve desired result. When color has developed, rinse hair very, very well, then a light shampoo and condition to finish.

Approximate processing times are in minutes, with heat; double times without heat. 

Depth of color depends on processing time & heat applied.

Soft Bamboo -  pale golden blonde to intense gold  strawberry blonde (8 to 45)              

Tahitian Tea – dark gold blonde to light warm brown (10 to 75)          

Ginger Snap – warm red brown to reddish  auburn brown (10 – 75)

Canyon Clay – natural "redhead" red, light copper to medium red auburn  (10-75)              

Merlot Mist – bright strawberry to dark red burgundy brown (10-75)              

Cinnamon Mosaic – golden warm brown to intense dark golden red brown (10-90)

Espresso  Double Shot– dark auburn brown to dark coffee brown (45-75 each  process) 

Note: Espresso Double Shot is a two step process, meaning you will prepare, mix, apply and process the hair two times, one immediately after the other to create the dark depth of color desired.

*this product is intended for use to by a licensed professional stylist.

*Patent pending on all formulas        

*FDA Advisory:  may contain allergens 

 Green Hare Mud
List includes all possible ingredients alphabetical order.
Green  Hare Mud™ formulas are combinations in varied specified percentages of  any or all of the ingredients listed to create each unique formula.

Acorns, Alder bark, Amaranth  , Amur maple, Arrowroot, Artichokes, Bamboo, Barberry, Basil, Bay leaves, Beetroot, Blackberry, Black lentils, Black tea, Bloodroot, Blueberries, Broom, Broom Sedge, Burdock, Butternut, Camilla, Carrot, Carob, Cassia, Celery, Chamomile, Cherries, Chokecherries, Cacao, Coffee, Coneflower, Cornflower, Crab apple, Crocus, Dandelion, Daylilies, Dogwood bark, Elderberries, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Grape skins, Green tea, Henna, Hibiscus flowers, Huckleberry, Indigo, Juniper berries, Kudzu, Lavender, Lilac, Madder root, Maple tree buds, Marigold, Mulberries, Oak bark, Oak galls, Paprika, Peppermint, Pine tree bark, Pomegranate, Rabbit Brush, Raspberries, Red cabbage, Red clover, Red wine, Red Zinger tea, Rosemary, Roses, Safflower, Saffron, Sage, Sassafras, Spinach, Strawberries, St. John’s Wort, Sweetgum, Turmeric, Walnut hulls, Walnut husks, Weeping Willow, White Birch, White Maple, Wild Plum root, Yarrow, Yellow dock


Green  Hare Hair Mŭd ™ is easy to apply as a one-step color or as an add-on  service to compliment or accent foil high lights or low lights, and has  excellent adhesion on gray hair, giving your client the most beautiful  and natural results possible.


 We sincerely want you to love our product!  But alas, we do have a policy of no returns due to clearly stated directions, videos and a clear description of the  product, including clear language that the products are intended for  professional use.

We also offer free "patch test" samples, as stated on the website to  limit the buyer remorse issues. 

Clearly, we have made every effort to  ensure a positive Green Hare Mud experience, and our customer service team is here to help!

Bunny Beauty Oil Ingredient List

sourced entirely of food grade pure plants & elements

Alpha Linoleic

Euphorbiaceae Ricinus Communis


Linoleic Acid

Marine Flora Iodine


Oletic Acid

Palmitic Acid

Potassium Iodide


Steric Acid



Happy Hare Dry Shampoo Ingredients List

sourced entirely of food grade pure plants & elements

Arctium lappa

Equistum arvense

Lavandula officinalis

Maranta arundinacea

Matricaria recutita

Rosmarinus officinalis

Bunny Beauty Blemish Elixir Ingredient List

sourced entirely of food grade pure plants & elements

Gramineae Maydeae Zea Mays Neutral Spirit

Marine Flora Iodine

Potassium Iodide

Dihydrogen Monoxide

Hare Potion #53   Ingredient List

sourced entirely of food grade pure plants & elements

Alpha Linoleic
Euphorbiaceae Ricinus Communis
Marine Flora Iodine

Linoleic Acid
Oletic Acid
Palmitic Acid
Potassium Iodide
Steric Acid

Brassica nigra

Rosmarinus officinalis

Dihydrogen Monoxide

Gramineae Maydeae Zea Mays Neutral Spirit

*All of our 100% natural, zero chemical, no preservative  formulas should be used within one year from purchase date.

How to do a skin sensitivity or strand test:

How to do a sensitivity test:  Take a small amount (1/4 teaspoon) of the Green Hare Mud powder, add hot water, a drop at a time, until it becomes a wet paste.  Apply it in a small (1/2 inch) dot on the underside of the arm just above the elbow.  Cover it with a band aid or soft cloth wrap and leave it for 12 to 24 hours.  Wash off the dried Green Hare Mud and check for any irritation, swelling, etc.  

How to do a strand test: Take a small amount (1/4 teaspoon) of the Green Hare Mud powder, add hot water, a drop at a time, until it becomes a wet paste.  Apply it to a freshly shampooed strand of hair, wrap in plastic wrap for an hour or so.  Shampoo out Green Hare Mud and blow or air dry.  Feel the silky healthy feeling of Green Hare Mud. 


1Q. Where are the directions?

A.  On the back of the Green Hare Mud™ color bag.  In loving kindness to  the environment we do not use excessive cover boxing or packaging. 

2Q. Can I do this at home?

A.  Yes.  Although it is a professional product, with a little preparation  and a sense of adventure, Green Hare Mud™ can easily be done at home.  Please see our DIY tutorial on our "Videos" page.

3Q. Is one bag of the Green Hare Mud™ enough to color long hair?

A.  It depends on the length and thickness.  One bag of Green Hare Mud™  will typically color hair that touches the shoulders. Add a bag for  every six (6) inches past the "touch the shoulders" length. Rapunzel  should order at least a half dozen.

About Us

Jeannie Wrightson

Beautiful, Pure Plant hair color & the birth of...Green Hare Mud!

Jeannie  Wrightson is a Master Cosmetologist, the owner of Green Hare Salon and  creator of a pure plant hair colorant she affectionately named Green  Hare Hair Mŭd™; and Bunny Beauty™, a food grade line of  organic and  non-toxic, vegan beauty products.

Jeannie  gained attention for her creativity and avant-garde work in Atlanta,  Georgia, as an expert colorist and hair designer.  Her intense passion  for the environment and natural health became the catalyst to fuse her  art and industry as a purveyor of truly natural beauty.

For  thirty-three years, her professional commitment to the hair color “path less  traveled” has set her apart from the crowd and marked her as a leader in  the field of truly natural hair color.

Her  honest, pure approach to natural skin care has given her a client  retention rate unmatched in the industry, and made her a “tour de force”  in an otherwise toxic industry.

A  native of southern California and raised in the Ozark Mountains, now  living in Atlanta, Jeannie has combined her love of natural,  non-chemical, non-toxic living with the beauty industry to prove that  you do not have to dye for beauty!


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